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.The history of University of Hong Kong used to be that started with the story of Dr.Sun Yat Shen who founded the Republic of China and had studied in the Western Medicine College which became later one of the foundation faculties of the university of Hong Kong( HKU). The fame of HKU students used to be regarded as the BOB( best of best) among the various undergraduates studying either in the private or other public sector of higher education. The recent behaviour of the students of the Univerisity of Hong Kong added on the different incidents among with the socio-economic change had casted doubts on the quality and standards about the students who leave that university dispite the frequent claim of upgrading of the ranking among the world university ladder.

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Recent history of university scandels:--

Former Frist honor graduate , Stephen Chan of TVB being arrested by ICAC making appearance in public apparently unfazed.

Newspaper had reported that Chan and others were accused of running a shell company, which allegedly forced some top Television Broadcasts artistes to perform for free or at very low pay in major shows and functions. It has certainly some legal proceding going on before the final verdict is made. It is however clear in public opinion that Chan most likely had committed that kind of guilt before a high profile action is taken by ICAC to arrest him. It is a common illegal practice that seen in the entertainment circle though not too often people are put into jail because of this. The moral standard is expected to be low towards entertainers in view of the Hong Kong public and as it is true among all place as a matter of fact. It is however surprising and some what disgusting to see a former first honor graduate of HKU showing no shame of what he had done illegally. What a shame in another news that Stephen Chan was invited by HKU to give talk about Emotinal Quotient and highly praised by their fellow undergraduate. A criminal suspect behavouring " unfased" in public is just a kind of denail mechanism and pretendence. Decent person will face his or her own fault with confession and regret when he or she is brought into justice. It is not a matter of EQ for appreciation when a criminal is denying and disgusing.

The appreciation of Chan's speech by the students quoted by the newspaper is disappoiting and terrifying. It brings doubt towards the moral judgment or education of the students concerned who are susposed to be kind of"BOB". That incident marks the question of the decline of the moral standard of the HKU.

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